Legal Entities

Legal Entities

Legal Entities

The Companies Behind
the Solutions

Euronovate Group is composed of three companies, Euronovate (Hardware & Consulting), Víntegris (Qualified Trust Service Provider) and eSignWorld (Software Solutions).
Each company brings its know-how and experience to the Group through collaborative R+D to develop innovative solutions to aid business digitalization.


Euronovate is a leading provider of software, hardware and services towards businesses’ Digital Transformation.

The company’s set of technologies comprehends proprietary Biometric Solutions for both, Customer onboarding and Electronic Signature, guaranteeing legal compliance and security for users and businesses.

Euronovate is also a hardware manufacturer, specialized in the creation, development and design of digital pads for electronic signatures, through an end-to-end approach delivering complete functional solutions for every market segment.

The portfolio of customer-centric services characterizes Euronovate’s offer to support companies during legal procedures, process reengineering, software integration, application management, training, communication and change management.


Víntegris is a Spanish Qualified Trust Service Provider, in accordance with eIDAS European Regulation on electronic signature and seals.

The company is a software manufacturer, developing innovative systems and applications for managing digital certificates, legally binding digital signatures, and strong authentication,
Víntegris flagship product, nebulaSUITE, is a complete Digital Identity infrastructure that manages and issues Digital Certificates and Qualified Digital Signatures through cloud-based services —all protected by robust authentication.

Thanks to its proprietary Certification Authority, vinCAsign, Víntegris issues different types of Digital Certificates with maximum legal compliance, covering various needs and guaranteeing agility and security for the clients’ processes.


eSignWorld is a full-service software development company of engineers, designers, and developers providing solutions to enterprises worldwide.

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