Biometric Signature Solution

Verifying Movement




Biometric Signature, unlike other electronic signature methods, is a quick and effective way to identify and authenticate customers and employees, to authorize transactions and sign documents in real-time.

The combination of our proprietary Biometric Signature software ENSOFT or ENSmartSign, together with our Biometric signature Pad ENSIGN 11, provides organizations with a comprehensive Biometric Signature Solution to streamline their signature processes.


Verify your Customers in real-time

Biometric Engine, Encryption & Certify Storage

Our Biometric Signature Solution detects different parameters such as coordinates, pressure, time, acceleration, and speed through its biometric engine. Furthermore, analyzes the natural hand fluctuations transforming them into a mathematical structure that is assigned to the signatory.

It supports additional proprietary services to provide a further security level due to an advanced biometrics audit with forensic analysis and a certified server for encrypted storage.


Euronovate’s Group Biometric Signature Solutions provides organizations with the many benefits:

Legal Validity

Authentication, Trustworthiness
& Non-Repudiation

Euronovate Group Biometric Signature Solution checks all the legal security requirements that an Advanced Signature has to follow:

Displaying Marketing Content

ENSOFT 2´s screen saver function can become the perfect tool for promotion of business marketing content.

Displays personalized promotional messages, video clips, slide shows and web pages during waiting times, optimizing customers experience.

Customer Feedbacks & Comments

Customers can interact with the pad, filling up surveys and writing comments which give instant feedbacks about their degree of satisfaction while using the service.

Saves time and resources collecting valuable information about the customers.

Let our experts show you how to
improve your business performance with our
Biometric Signature Solution