The Multi-factor
Dynamic Authentication
that protects your company



The Authentication Platform for Organizations

nebulaACCESS protects all your organization activities, procedures and operations guaranteeing the identity of each user providing the highest level of security through its secure authentication management platform.

By choosing this Solution you will be able to select a specific suitable authentication method for each user, depending on risk and budget.


Avoid cyberattacks and gaps in security

nebulaACCESS Adaptive Multi-factor Dynamic Authentication platform, protects access control systems, specifically in the extranet, web fronts and VPN from unauthorized users; even when attempting access with stolen credentials.

The multiple authentication methods perform a layered defense against potential cyberattacks. The various types of authentication methods are applied based on the different user profiles within organizations. Tailoring the level of protection to the sensitivity of the data accessed by each user.

The shield for the digital ecosystem of your organization

nebulaACCESS guarantees the identity of each user through multi-factor authentication technology.

The SaaS-based platform protects the entire ecosystem of organizations allowing access only to authorized users through a wide range of functions and automation capabilities by integrating different authentication mechanisms at the same time and centralizing audit control.

Through a Token Software, the platform can also work in mobile applications maintaining the highest levels of security with four Oath authentication systems.

Authentication methods adaptable to your needs

nebulaACCESS provides each user with a wide range of customizable features, depending on the chosen authentication method, to protect your VPN, website, cloud-based corporate applications or workstations:

Robust and User-friendly authentication options

3 Types of One Time Passwords (OTP)
OTP via email
OTP by
Grid Card

…and in mobility

Quick, secure and easy access
to your mobile devices
with vinToken App

The vinToken App, with integrated management in the system, easily generates OTP codes in only three steps:

Available from the Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World.

* The regeneration time is configurable in the management system.


nebulaACCESS benefits:

nebulaACCESS Features

Token Software in Mobile Application with Four Oath Authentication Systems
Multiple Authentication Options
Broad Integration Possibilities

Complete the package with the integration of nebulaSUITE

nebulaSUITE is the most complete cloud-based services platform for Digital Identity management develop for Víntegris, company of Euronovate Group, to provide organizations with a full infrastructure for the whole management of digital certificates (issuing and management) and qualified digital signatures through cloud-based services —all protected by robust authentication, without the need for third parties.

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