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EMR Technology

EMR Technology

EMR stands for Electro-magnetic Resonance. This technology is a near-field technology that offers pin-point accurate stylus inputs. EMR uses a combination of sensors, control algorithms and fast data transmissions to produce an on-screen handwriting experience that rivals pen and paper.

EMR represents the most popular technology in professional graphic design tablets and e-signature pads due to the battery-free stylus, which requires no cables, or charging. The sensors and control modules are designed into the monitor itself— rather than the pen. The result is a robust, reliable, accurate and maintenance-free solution with long durability and efficiency.

emr technology

EMR Use Cases in Tablets

EMR Advantages

Stylus is battery-free and inexpensive: requires no batteries, cables or charging and can be easily replaced if lost or stolen.

Touch panel and stylus work through different sensors: they can either be combined or excluded. So, the touch will never interfere with the stylus.

EMR technology - ENSIGN 11

ENSIGN11 NFC is a versatile signature pad for the digitization of handwritten signatures and biometric signatures. The EMR technology, implemented in the pad’s display, improves the overall signing, writing and drawing, bringing the user’s experience to another level.